Alpenmade – a journey with a common starting point

Alpenmade - Palo MErlina e Christian Perdonà

When we take on the task to guide a brand through its market journey, for us it’s like being real travel adventure. If you think about it, that is what working with a brand really is like: an adventure that lasts years with changing targets, needs, desires, with new technologies that shape the world we live in changing it forever. A journey that with a common starting point. For Alpenmade this place is Bressanone or Brixen for the German-speaking folks.

When Christian Perdonà first met the company managed by the resourceful character Paolo Merlin, it was under a different name: Alpenmöbel. The name marked the strong relationship with the company’s area of origin which served also as a creative inspiration. For Christian Perdonà, CEO of our marketing agency, who is from Val d’Isarco coming across Alpenmade represented the perfect occasion to go through his childhood memories. This is indeed a journey that has shared roots and a common starting point that we would like to describe in more detail.

From Alpenmöbel to Alpenmade

Sometimes in order to grow one must give up something, even if that thing is their name. This is the situation many companies face when the local market is becoming too tight for them. That was the case also for the old Alpenmöbel that – with an increasingly international market – has been forced to change identity. This transition was greatly supported by our agency that has put its whole creativity and proactiveness at the client’s disposal. An agency that has been capable to innovate without forgetting common the roots, that are central to the brand’s identity. The naming phase has been exciting and has allowed us to create a new more luxurious, elegant, modern identity. Alpenmade was born.

Alpenmade-immagine coordinata-agenzia perdonà

A journey that started with a new logo and with new communication tools. This is what the real journey is all about: to look back at the 80s to see how “we were” and “how we are now”.

Putting entire buildings on paper – The Alpenmade Guest Books

The core business of Alpenmade is the interior design of hotels and prestigious private villas. These are the masterpieces of Alpenmade where every piece of detail is precious, from custom sculptured fountains to hand-made pieces of art. Such work deserves to be properly documented. The Alpenmade Guest Books have become a reference style for old and new clients as well as a precious piece of work of our portfolio.

Alpenmade - Agenzia Perdonà - letteratura aziendale

From Bressanone to Russia – The journey to Nefteyugansk

The journey of 2010: Royal Plaza di Nefteyugansk, Siberia. A remote territory rich in gas and oil. In August, Alpenmade has completed and an ambitious interior design project for a Luxury Hotel in this county. Then another journey for a photographic shoot followed but this time it was with a record temperature of -45°C.

This was definitely the most remote journey our Verona-based agency undertook and that gave birth to a photographic tale whose content left a permanent mark in our relationship with Alpenmade.

We proved ourselves: for us distances are not a limit but and an opportunity to seize.

Memorable Sales & Direct Marketing – the show wagon Alpenmade

The Alpenmade show wagon is an idea that we are very proud of. It is a perfect example of our capability to obtain tangible and measurable results. Even nowadays where in order to sell content has to become viral, this is still our main mission.

The idea consisted in sending via post a small box containing a truck model and one apparently normal invite (the target was the DACH market and hotel room salespersons), but there was a trick behind it.

“Dear client – in the next days you will receive our new collection of hotel rooms, to expose in your show room. We are confident that our partnership will be of great help in developing your business etc. etc.”

This invite provoked a series of intense reactions from the side of potential clients: “What rooms? – did they say furiously calling on the company’s phone number – we haven’t ordered absolutely anything!”

This was a reaction that already had been foreseen and the company was prepared to support this joke.

Everyone had to act their part up until the real truck- set up with the hotel room showroom – presented itself on the clients’ doorsteps. Signs of worry and puzzlement were immediately replaced with a big smile as soon as they jumped in the show wagon.

Still today many of them preserve this gadget as memorable creative and commercial initiative.

Agenzia Perdonà_gadget marketing

Alpenmade today – what the future has in store for us

A long-lasting business collaboration is the dream of every creative advertiser. It proves that the client has been satisfied by the results and that it trusts the agency’s abilities. It also proves that the creativity of the agency does not fade out with the passing of time.

In 2019, Alpenmade has started a new journey with us: the social media activity on Facebook and Instagram. Within a year, the brand has collected fan from all-over the world. This has had a great impact in making viral the style and craftmanship of the Alpenmade.

This is a new challenge that we take on with eagerness. We are well aware that if work is defined by clear and real values, you will go places.