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Agenzia Perdonà

If a storm is brewing, let’s enjoy it together.

What is the market situation like? Of course, we prefer a storm to a lull. This does not necessarily mean that we love prohibitive work conditions. Yet, indeed seemingly impossible challenges have become our daily practice, to the extent that not only do we not get seasick, but we can even enjoy ourselves in the process.

After all, in almost 30 years, we did not just make do with staying afloat, but rather we have almost always swam in turbulent waters. Encouraged by our fearless Customers.

Since 1986, the year Agenzia Perdonà was founded, our brand symbol has always been the seahorse or hippocampus.

We chose it for its unique features: it is at your service, it is unconventional, and it is loyal. For these reasons, it fully represents our brand’s philosophy.

The seahorse is an example of grace, elegance, balance and beauty: these are all guiding principles in our ongoing artistic research.

Being a team means working together as a single mind. Our wish is not to satisfy you as a customer but to anticipate your needs and help you overcome obstacles. We will do more: we want to provide you with many creative ideas suited to your company, to surprise you every day.

How do we do this? Through a team of specialists who work together to help you, each with their own different skills.

Our collaborators are definitely employees.

First of all, they are regularly employed with an open-ended contract. Because we do not confuse flexibility with precariousness. But, most of all, we want our collaborators to be loyal in all senses.

Loyal to the agency’s principles of dedication to service, efficiency and quality of work. Our employees always need to be eager to learn, to improve every day, and to push boundaries.

To those who think this is too much to ask, our answer is that this is what our Customers have taught us. Thanks to them, we have grown and, almost 30 years later, we are free to keep on doing so. We are free employees.

Christian Perdonà - CEO
Tiziana Tecchia - Amministrazione e Finanza
Anna Borgonovo - Art Director
Alvise Brugnolo - Copywriter
Chiara Cavagion - Graphic Designer
Serena Chesini - Graphic Designer
Antonio Monteleone - Community Manager
Gaia Righetti - Social & Video Maker
Cristian Cinquetti - Web Multimedia Design
Marco Gattone - Web Developer

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