On-the-job training

My name is Christian Perdonà and, if today I am good at administrating my own company, it is because I remember 1986 very well. I was a young 22-year-old creative guy who dreamed of having a motorbike, instead I invested all my savings to attend the seminar held by Mario Silvano, Italy’s greatest sales guru. That course, but most of all meeting Mario, changed my life. He taught me that creating is fine, but that creating and selling is even better. Since then, my goal with my customers has always been two-fold: to help them communicate better, imagining and then creating new ways of publicising their products, services and values, and supporting them in all their business successes with a training programme that allows us to share the struggles and joys of everyday life.

Hippocampus: on-the-job coaching for entrepreneurs and businesses

This is how Hippocampus was born, a strategic coaching process that stimulates intuition and sales techniques to acquire analytical skills and put successful actions into practice. I work to create and consolidate my customers’ skills, encouraging a sense of belonging for their employees and the sales network, in line with the system of values and with business operations. To establish sincere, effective and functional relationships. Because this is what really matters. My coaching job is a journey that does not end in the classroom but continues on the job, and this is also where it is put to the test.

What it involves

Hippocampus for you: why?

To sell more and sell better.

Hippocampus is a means to allow you and your company achieve your business goals more effectively.

We are not talking about pieces of paper but actual meetings.

It is a form of strategic coaching that, thanks to a new way of managing your company, will ensure your success. It is a form of on-the-job training that motivates and makes your sales network grow, but also corporate restructuring that we can implement together, playing on the same team.