Balconscenico – an event that pays homage to music

Feminine voices, violins, accordions, electric and acoustic guitars. Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin alongside Lucio Battisti and Pino Daniele. Music knows no physical or geographical boundaries and gets everyone involved: citizens from Verona and tourists, adults and children. It is with this spirit that Tiziano Meglioranzi, president of the Corporazione Esercenti del Centro Storico di Verona, launched this event format two years ago. Balconscenico is a quite unique musical event, because the artists do not perform on a stage, but on the balconies of the city center of Verona.

For the second edition, the Corporazione Esercenti del Centro Storico di Verona asked our agency to take care of the communication of this unmissable city event and to highlight the message and manifesto of this social gathering. We did not think twice about it and seized the opportunity to bring a little joy in the streets of Verona. May culture be the best possible re-start.

Our communication activity for the event

From PR to social media communication, to the web design of the new landing page and the printing of posters, leaflets and banners. We faced this challenge with enthusiasm, teaming up to meet a particularly pressing deadline. Our “orchestra” was really a close-knit team: Vanessa Barbosa and Erika Tondo in charge of the visuals, Alvise Brugnolo took care of the copy, Cristian Cinquetti ensured that everything on the web ran smoothly, Gaia Petrin managed of the flow of information between us and the organizers. We knew that seeing our creativity hanging on the balconies would thrill us, as if we were the ones performing on them.

Balconscenico has a specific identity, an unmistakable image. Special thanks goes to our illustrator and to young emerging artists who got involved without fear and who made this event possible. PATRIZIA AG Italia, a business that is deeply committed to add value to the city of Verona, chose to support and sponsor the event.

Re-starting from culture has allowed us to keep our chin up

We believe that culture has the power of uniting people. That’s what we witnessed when we saw large audience groups gathering under the balconies to enjoy improvised music performances. Not only did we leave the audience speechless but we also helped them to keep their chin up: to have fun and enjoy themselves, to put worries and sorrows aside. Let’s re-start from what we love. Isn’t that indeed the power of music?