Clients in Hamburg count on us – The social media strategy for 4CR

Sometimes to land on social media it is necessary to go on top of….a mountain.

It was 2019 when Andrea Pedrotti, CEO of 4CR, set us a challenge: to find a creative way to celebrate the 15th anniversary of his company, an international brand of products for the car refinishing sector. For us, this was an opportunity to confront ourselves with a market that spoke a different language than ours and to enhance our lateral thinking skills.

Often, when it comes to B2B, there is in fact the belief that communication has to be impersonal, cold, without frills. What counts is only the product and nothing else.

The truth is, that in oder to make effective communication any company needs more than this. It needs values ​​that know how to create that sense of belonging that must be as strong inside (in the team) as outside (in customers).

The exciting story of an expedition

And we took these values ​​to the top, to two thousand meters, with an institutional video that told the 4CR journey as an adventurous climb on the glaciers. The climbers are brave, strong, defy adverse conditions and only reach the top if they team up. All values ​​that represent 4CR and its path, engraved in the rock like the slogan:

“15 years for us are not an arrival, but only a new base camp.”


4CR – Our social media marketing strategy for the automotive sector

Broadcasted during the evening event of the 15th anniversary, the video was a great success, and allowed us to build a new “base” for the 4CR brand: a new starting point based on real, genuine emotions, able to generate engagement and give a little bit of character to what would be an otherwise cold communication. A potential that we could not leave unexpressed, abandoned on that glacier.

Here is how one thing leads to another: from an expedition to 2000 meters, we have been entrusted with a social communication of 180,000 impressions and 10,000 interactions every month. The content strategy, as always, is the right balance between factual posts and lighter and more engaging posts, put together in the editorial calendar to create a memorable brand experience. Like the contents that fall under the group Love is… your first car which stimulates users to travel through back in time, sharing the photo of their first car with the community.

Today these choices of style and TOV have rewarded us, positioning 4CR among the most active car refinishing brands on social networks. And we are pleased that to reach the summit we had to start from the foot of the mountain. Without forgetting that, if we want to reach the marketing objectives, it is always from here we need to start. We win people to conquer the top.