Guizzy – The character of the agency Agenzia Perdonà has become even stronger

Agenzia Perdonà_Guizzy_fumetto_character design

January 18, 2021

“Look, with a pair of arms it would look like a little man!”

That is what Édouard Michelin said – yes, the founder of the well-known tire company – when he saw a pile of tires arranged in an original way.

So began the story of the Michelin Man, a worldwide famous advertising icon born 122 years ago. Since then, whether it was drawn with a pencil or in 3D, Bibendum (this is its original name) has known dozens of versions. A sign that times, techniques, media and media change, but what doesn’t change is the effectiveness of a character used in brand communication.

Web and Character Design: a winning combination

The Michelin man, Calimero, Carmencita, the hippopotamus Pippo, the Coccolino bear and the Duracell bunny: these are some of the examples that inspired us in the creation of our little Guizzy, the new soul of our agency. A tribute to a method of classic advertising that is achieving new great success even in the digital age.

On the web, the search for ideas to bring customers closer to the brand has led to the rediscovery of mascots and their effectiveness in representing corporate personality and values. Mascots are nowadays still able to capture the attention of the public and consolidate the affective bond with the brand. In a world where communication is Human to Human, a character represents a leap of the brand. A brand that renounces the usual discounted promotions to tell a story, excite and make people smile. Virality comes as a natural consequence.

A character born from our logo

But Guizzy is so much more than an advertising mascot: it is our inspiration that comes to life and shape, an adventure companion born to lift moods in difficult times for everyone. This is also a way give drawing a place of prominence: an art that has always played a key role in advertising but today is neglected by many creatives in the name of a sterile digitalization of thought.

The idea of ​​the Guizzy seahorse was already in our logo and in the agency’s legacy. It was necessary to give it a shape, soul and word. Perhaps we exaggerated a bit with the latter, given that Guizzy just can’t keep quiet. After all, there are many things to say concerning the areas of image, communication, creativity, and business that stem from the agency’s 35 years of activity.

And maybe, following Guizzy’s social media stories you might get an idea of ​​who could be the character of your brand. In case we could have a chat together and see what Guizzy has to say.