#Unconventional digital communication for Canadiens


Customers who choose to go on a communication journey with us know this well: we fall in love with values first, ​​rather than with products. This also applies to the end customer. Today it is not so much about the product promotions nor what the company does that win people’s hearts: it is rather how and why you do it.

Sustainability, humanity, true passion, extreme care and attention to detail – this is what counts and that not only drives sales but equally brand advocacy. Feel the brand, share its ideas. Become a proud promoter of it.

Canadiens knew it well and that is exactly what they asked us: to create a social communication and campaign capable of striking, involving and being remembered, emphasizing precisely what makes the heart beat faster: the values ​​that are the essence of the brand. In a particular historical period made up of doubts and great changes, the company wanted to answer with certainty: new models, more investments in innovation, excellent technical performance of the materials… But there was another goal, more human and heartfelt: to allow people to travel with their imagination, at a time when traveling was no longer possible.

As a brand born from the experience of the historic brand Aesse, since 1998 Canadiens has been one of the best-known Italian manufacturers of urban outerwear, perfect for the city as well as for the wildest nature. The goal was to create a brand awareness campaign aimed at the general public, interested in wearing garments with no doubts about the quality of both design and materials.

A challenge that we have fully achieved with the usual, inevitable creativity of the Agency.

The idea: an #unconventional Italy

Thus the #unconventionalitaly campaign was born. The campaign depicts and describes the Italian landscape in a completely new, unprecedented and disruptive way. Just as disruptive was the courage of Canadiens, who in his origins explored distant lands – the cold Canada with its forests and the iconic maple leaves – to be inspired by the materials and reinterpret them with the sensitivity that the rest of the world envy.

agenzia perdonà_canadiens_unconventionalitaly

#unconventionalitaly. An impactful campaign that has re-imagined the most important historical monuments in the world, placing them in unprecedented, wild contexts. We find the Rialto Bridge in the Grand Canyon, the bell tower of Florence standing in a stormy sea…

The message, dreamlike, imaginative, is more concrete than ever: the culture of beauty has its roots in antiquity, but still has the courage to dream, re-imagine itself, with strength and desire to share its beauty in a 2.0 concept.

The results: more conversions and target users

In the Agency we don’t like to use creativity for its own sake. This is why we evaluate the success of a campaign from the results and not only from its aesthetic impact or from the mere originality of the idea.

The digital #unconventionalitaly campaign produced positive results, with +8% of new sessions, an exponentially reduced bounce rate and +22% conversions compared to the same period of the previous year! In addition, a +10% increase in followers on Instagram. A sign that our business has brought a more profiled audience, more inclined to purchase and more in tune with Canadiens values ​​and products.

These are results that can only be achieved when a relationship of respect is established between the client’s and the agency’s teams. A space where there are no obstacles but only shared ideas to easily overcome problems.