In Berlin business are counting on us – The “rebel” social media strategy for Carfit

social media marketing_agenzia perdonà-carfit

“Really good result for the first month.
Let´s go ahead.”
(Matthias Scherzer, CEO)

In January, when the health emergency only seemed a science fiction tale, our team flew to Berlin to meet the Carfit, an international company of products for the automotive world.journey in which we felt welcomed and on the same page with our new client, withwhom we shared values and managerial culture. Result? An injection of confidence to begin a new project together: the management of Carfit social networks and a new brand image.
A project that, as a full-service communication agency, we have not limited to the web ecosystem but that we have extended to the “analog world”, following our mantra of Da Cosa Nasce Cosa (One thing leads to another).
Today we are here to reap the first, exceptional results of our work. Numbers that speak of creativity, strategy, method, but also of our ability to approach an international market with professionalism and energy.



Creativity: an international language indeed

85000 people reached in one month, +333% of interactions and a 130% increase in followers. The Carfit, Facebook page, in just one month of activity, has achieved more results than in a year.

In addition to the newly developed sponsorship and content strategy, the great results are also due to the new brand tone of voice. To give more value to the company we have coined the
Rebel Flair payoff, which has already become a brad hallmark of Carfit. The new payoff wants to highlight the creativity and work of the car repair specialists who every day have to revolutionize the cars of customers with quality products and paints, with and outside the box approach. A message and a promise in line with the target, who loves flamboyant cars, just like true 4-wheel rebels.

A success that speaks English and German

But even if creativity is a universal language, something else is needed to communicate with the customer. And what makes us proud are not so much the numbers but the team work of these weeks, based on the dialogue directly in English with our German interlocutor. This is a internationalization process of our agency that is still ongoing, thanks also to the new team addition of Giulia Celli, Key Ambassador of the Agency. A precious resource that joins the working group formed by the Art Director di Christian Perdonà, by the Graphic Designer Chiara Cavagion, by the Social Media Strategist Gaia Righetti and by the Copywriter Alvise Brugnolo.
These are the kind of projects that make the most of the skills and numbers we have to offer. The enthusiastic reference our client gave us speaks for itself.
Now the work continues: the strategy and ideas developed for Carfit’s social media strategy is already becoming a new catalog and will soon transform all communication tools. But this is another story that deservers a new article.