Emotions that can be seen. Our philosophy applied to direct marketing.

Our approach has always been to challenge the status quo. In world where digital marketing is king, return to real, tangible emotions that can be seen can make all the difference. That is exactly what it is like to lift a lid of a box and discover what’s inside.

In the era of reposting and of Html, direct marketing is a field that we love explore and delve deeper in. Yes, you red that right.The agency founder, Christian Perdonà, has always supported and coached sales teams of various companies. This coaching journey leads to a fundamental learning: the offline and online worlds are not mutually exclusive. Instead, when combined together they bring great results.

In these past weeks we have dealt with new challenges that we faced with creativity. Here are some examples of our best work:

Salute e Territorio – A boost of C(reative) vitamin

A direct marketing project that aimed at engaging general practitioners to foster cooperation. For Salute e Territorio, the largest general practitioner cooperative in the Veneto region, we opted for a box of oranges. An intelligent and impactful way to tell the gist of the services offered and explain team work and cooperation always lead to fruitful results. After all, when you have a great partner by your side, working becomes as easy as drinking an orange juice.


Negri and Basf – on full gadget blast

A chemical giant (BASF) that deals with the cultivation of cereals (NEGRI SRL). Our direct marketing project has been an opportunity to present to customers partnership renovation also for 2021. For once we put aside the digital channels: we are back to gadgets, which in their simplicity can still impress. A way to leave behind the likes and screen shares and move on to something more exciting to cultivate: human contact.


Andrea Sella – a knack for relationships, in a nutshell

An orthodontist hunting clients and a small budget to be fully exploited. We started with a nut to tell a special bond: the one between the dentist and those who create teeth like a ceramic artist. An ironic and emotional text written by our copywriter did the rest. Results were shocking.

The calls arrived on the day of delivery. In a nutshell, good ideas create concrete relationships and results.


If boredom is one of those things you can’t stand, contact us: we will be able to craft a direct marketing strategy ready to open up new opportunities, not just box lids.


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