Children’s Museum and Guizzy: together for the Re-Start project

How we worked with the Children’s Museum of Verona, PATRIZIA AG Italia, Performance in Lighting Group and Tecnofer to promote a project dedicated to digital training that speaks to adults and children.

Our Guizzy is not only a talking (chatty, in fact) seahorse, but also represents the agency’s values. Creativity, friendship, solidarity, innovation and humanity. Perhaps due to the fact that the ocean is large and populous, our Guizzy could not imagine a life in solitude. He just loves to work collaboratively, because it is from collective ideas that change is born.

​​For this reason, our brand mascot is happy to be among the sponsors of the Children’s Museum in Verona, which in July launched the Re-Start project: Instructions for
a new start
. This is a social project that aims to train parents on the challenges that the digital world entails, especially in relation to Distance Learning, a cross and a delight of the last two years.

Given that the digital world has become our bread and butter, our agency could only naturally promote and support this initiative.

Restart-Agenzia Perdonà_Sponsor Guizzy

What have been the “digital benefits” of the last two years?

This is the question that parents asked themselves when thinking about the relationship their children developed with the digital world in the last months. The same question has been asked by Gregorio Ceccone, consultant for Media Education and Digital Communication and creator of the Re-Start project. In the coming weeks, he will share short digital training pills on the official Children’s Museum Facebook channel. The idea is to reflect on the risks and benefits of digitalisation and on how to teach your children to benefit from all opportunities while avoiding dangers or excesses.

One project, five sponsors

For more than 35 years, we at Agenzia Perdonà have firmly believed in the power of relationships: they are the ones that make the difference and allow the local area to grow, both economically and socially. Relationships confirm our reputation on the market and focusing our energies on this aspect is a choice of our corporate governance. We believe in relationships within the agency – where each individual is valued and hired with a permanent contract. We believe in relationships outside – connecting businesses, ideas and professionals.

Over the past two years, we have established a fruitful collaboration relationship with the Children’s Museum, to which we have lent our creativity, as in the recent Green By Kids project. This project invited the children of Verona to design their own dream park in the Ex Magazzini Generali area, still in the under construction phase. These are fresh ideas for relaunching the territory that open mind and heart, and today we need them more than ever.

Così, quando il Museo ci ha presentato questo progetto dedicato alla formazione digitale, abbiamo voluto appoggiarlo in toto. Abbiamo deciso di fare un passo indietro, inserendo il marchio di Guizzy e non quello d’Agenzia: una gesto delicato in confronto dei nostri colleghi sponsor. Non eravamo soli, infatti: sono tante le aziende che hanno risposto all’iniziativa, decidendo di sponsorizzarla – al fianco di Agenzia Perdonà e del Cavalluccio Guizzy ci sono anche Performance in Lighting e i nostri compagni di viaggio Tecnofer e Patrizia AG Italia.

So, when the Museum presented us with this project dedicated to digital training, we wanted to give it our full support. We decided to take a step back, inserting the Guizzy brand and not the Agency’s: a small gesture to benefit our fellow sponsors. Many companies responded positively to this initiative, deciding to sponsor the project- alongside Agenzia Perdonà and Cavalluccio Guizzy there are also Performance in Lighting and our traveling companions Tecnofer and PATRIZIA AG Italia.

We can’t wait to see the results of this great initiative, born from teamwork and trust. High five, Children’s Museum!