POP Marketing – A compelling communication project for Giovanni Rana

promozione punto vendita_giovanni rana

As a communication Agency in Verona characterised by a multidisciplinary and integrated approach we have been involved in projects of different nature: from social media marketing to packaging, from event management to the creation of customized promotional displays for the point of sale.

Today, we want to talk about a project in the latter area: POP marketing. We got involved by Leaderform, a quality partner with whom we have signed many successful projects and who fully appreciates our capabilities. Does the saying “One thing leads to another” ring a bell?

As a leading company for large format printing with over 35 million turnover, in 2017 Leaderform was contacted by none other than Giovanni Rana for a coordinated communication point of sale project. The aim was the in-store launch of the fresh filled pasta “Recipes from the world”. A tasty success that has later been outclassed by the popular stuffed tortellini: Giro d’Italia – the Taste of outdoing oneself (speaking of outdoing oneself: in 2020, the company grew by +16.3% vs 2019, with a turnover of 900 million euro, reconfirming itself among one the most solid and far-sighted groups in Italy).

When trust and teamwork are combined together, great results can be the only outcome. The shared project with Leaderform, had been a great occasion to showcase the Agency’s capabilities and to help the new pasta line to draw attention on shef.

What is POP Marketing 

POP, that is point of purchase, indicates all communication and promotional materials designed for the point of sale. Totem, banner, presentation desks, exhibition panels for the cold section. In food marketing, the Point of Purchase is the focal point of promotion, especially in supermarkets, where the launch of a new product often finds the ideal scenario and must attract attention among thousands of other colorful and appetizing products.

Ricette dal Mondo - Agenzia Perdonà comunicazione - Giovanni Rana

Giovanni Rana_punto vendita_marketing_agenzia perdonà

How to design a good point of purchase

The starting point, as always, was to respect the brand’s image and identity. However, such rules never limit our creativity. Quite the opposite: It is rather the awareness that to achieve certain results one must combine strategy and imagination. Under the creative direction of Christian Perdonà, our Art Erika Tondo shined. This is how the totems, the promotional cornes, panels and the roll-ups of “Recipes from the World” were born. A success that has been approved and celebrated also by management (these are not our words, but of our contact person).

Given the advertising noise and the distribution throughout the national territory, we are sure that all of you have come across our creativity while passing through the supermarket aisles with your shopping cart. Communication (the good one) is served.