Dinner date with the Agency: a great moment to reconnect

In Agenzia Perdonà everyone knows this: human relationships are our focal point. Even in the digital age, we have always pursued this philosophy, preferring to meet clients in person rather than behind a screen. When a customer wants to solve a problem, he knows that we will not just open a ticket like any other web agency. On the contrary, we will face the problem together and solve it quickly while choosing the best solution. This comes even with perks: a lunch chat in front of a dish of Spaghetti cooked by our CEO & & Chef Christian Perdonà. Our agency has always had the door open. Like our imagination.

During the pandemic, this style of communication was severely tested due to restrictions and quarantine. Today, thanks to the green pass, the desire to meet returns together with our dinner events.

However, to celebrate the partial return to normality, an ordinary dinner was not enough: we thought of a special event, one that leaves a mark and gets everyone involved. We, who are behind the desk. You, who trust our creativity as well as our taste.

Dinner date with the Agency

“A dinner event together. Not to rack your brains for great ideas, but to look us in the eye, talk, taste and toast.

A simple and genuine moment, to share after so many months in which we have been apart. Welcome to “A Tavola con l’Agenzia”.

12 creatives. 12 restaurants. many guests. “A Tavola con l’Agenzia” is the monthly dinner that brings together the Perdonà Agency Team together with our travel companions. Once a month, each AGP creative will take on the role of the organizer, choose the restaurant and invite one or more customers: they will be the special guests of the event.

Sympathy, transparency, closeness and flavors of the territory. What could be better to reiterate that human values ​​are the strong point of our agency?

Follow the initiative on our social channels. We advise our traveling companions to be patient: there will be room for everyone at the table.

a tavola con l'agenzia_comunicazione verona