Every type of emergency requires a specific reaction – The website for Kimiprint

Developing a website for an international business listed on the stock exchange is a delicate operation where dedicating the right amount of time to each task is crucial. To efficiently deal with the User Experience Design, content creation and front-end development are tasks that require skill, a clear vision and a cool head. But there are situations where having time to carry out task as per usual procedure is not an option: clearly the Covid-19 pandemic is one them.

Consumer purchase habits have changed all of a sudden. Business shut down their offices and stores, e-commerce has skyrocketed and reached record numbers. Products that were before disregarded or unknown, like sanitizing gel and face masks, have truly become fast-moving consumer goods.

Many of our clients have drastically changed their business strategy and asked us for advice and flexibility to change their marketing plans. Our response always gas been: “Of course! We are here to help you!”. One of these clients has been Kimprint.

Kimprint is company that is part of the PRT Group, it is an online typography specialised in large format prints and trade-show displays. In these last weeks they faced they faced a big challenge: reconvert almost their entire production.

  • On one hand they offer products that prevent the spread of the virus such as protective masks, spacer tape, queue management signs. Simple and practical solutions to help our country to restart.
  • On the other hand, they offer “domestic décor” products such as big format pictures, wallpaper and cardboard decorating items. Small ideas to make home more confortable.

Deciding to produce these products was only the first challenging step. The second one was to actually sell them. That is when we enter in action with our communication plan.

New content that led to great results

In order for products to sell, text and images are needed. On the Kimiprint website we produced new content in record times. New products were introduced, optimized on the website every day and made look pretty with images and text that was backed by a SEO strategy to help optimize search rankings. In less than 3 days the product catalogue was completed with products ready to be purchased. Good results can already be seen as an output.

The team work between our team and that of Kimiprint has been really good: the communication was clear and consistent, with or without Slack. All of our key competencies have been fully deployed: artworkers, copyrighters, web designers and social media managers who use pixels to analyse the buying personas behaviours.

Products land on marketplace platforms

For this specific task we were not on our own but had a precious allay: Dogma Dynamics, a marketing intelligence agency based in Turin. By talking to them and with our client we understood that the website on its own was not enough.

Therefore, we decided to make products available also on the main global marketplace platforms. The idea was to use different sales platforms to meet the different users’ buying habits. Amazon and Ebay users feel familiar and comfortable when purchasing online. That’s exactly what we aim for in this phase: greater online visibility, less worries, more purchases.

Also on this occasion, the team work between our partners and us proved to be fundamental in order to upload products correctly and set up an online store that is efficient, visually appealing, and accessible to everyone. The graphic choices we made had a bit impact in this respect.

A social media strategy for greater visibility

Last but not least, our social media team devised and created engaging content for a viral effect. The content was backed up by a Direct Email Marketing campaign. This lead generation activity brought naturally outstanding results: +1,373% post interactions, +1,380% new fans on the Facebook page and thousands of new contacts in the CRM database.

This experience thought us another great truth: When a challenge crosses your path you either back off and loose or you face it and win.