E-commerce for Sartori Wine Shop – Results yield from time and strategy

e-commerce sartori

Developing and managing an e-commerce business is not easy. Many businesses that are behind with digitalization are currently hurrying to build a virtual shop so to keep up with everyone else. Data shows us a clear trend: according to Nielsen, online purchases in Italy skyrocked and increased by +82% in March 2020 vs last year. Needless to say that recent health & safety restrictions greatly contributed to this increase.
With a pinch of luck and great strategic thinking, we helped Casa Vitivinicola Sartori to innovate just in time and to develop their first e-commerce Sartori Wine Shop in October last year.

But does it mean that we saw results right away? Not exactly!

A 360° degree strategy.

Developing and e-commerce business requires different sets competencies and expertise. Just like a wine bouquet that is created from the synergy of different molecules, an online business needs well balanced variables.
It’s a complex ecosystem where even a slight delay in the website update can negatively affect conversion. Just like to high shipping costs inevitably translate in customers leaving the website with empty baskets.

We waited patiently for our efforts to pay off and kept optimizing the online store, just like passionate store managers would do. The only difference was that we had product sheets instead of shelves, customer usability and a site map instead of indication signs to guide customers to the various supermarket aisles.

We implemented small, costant layout optimization and page information improvements as we knew that the positioning of a button or words in a description could make the difference. When technology falls short, that is when our social media managers take over, a with communications strategy based on Real Time Marketing content and interesting promotions. Behind our e-commerce work there is a team that that uses all its curiosity, an essential skill also in the digital world.

Today, this piece of work has rewarded us with record results:

+350% online sales increase in the last month
+260% website visitors
• + 212% visited pages.

A business saving strategy that totally compensated the temporary closure of the physical store.

So what is still missing at this moment in time?

Normality. The Wine Shop Sartory has become popular in area of Verona due to its capacity to reunite people around a glass of wine and local specialty foods. This kind of initiative is called Sartori & Incontri (Satrori & Social Gatherings) and has now been cancelled until next opening.

In conclusion, besides the awareness of having done a great job there is a bitter-sweet after taste: we want the online store to be an alternative and not the only available choice forced by the current health crisis.