Physical distancing does not equal social distancing

agenzia perdonà_team

If there is anything positive we have been observing in this new difficult situation, is that the physical distancing we have been forced into has not had a such negative impact on our social relations. Ironically, if the initial plea of the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, was to give up on our social relations, we can now say that we have reinvented improved them.

If on one hand many employees have been forced to isolate themselves by #WorkingFromHome, on the other hand this made arise the need for greater connection, collaboration, mutual support e sense of belonging.

Initially, as it has been noted by Devika Bulchandani, President of McCann North America, Kevin Nelson Managing Director di McCann N.Y e Erica Yahr, Chief Strategy Officer, McCann N.Y

in an interview for Adweek, many advertising agencies were suffering physical distancing because they thrive from social interactions. Social interactions that mainly occurred face to face. Consequently many businesses had to rethink and change their social relations, for the better. As a matter of fact, progress arises from the willingness to meet new needs, from facing and overcoming difficulties.

This is what “regeneration” means for the Agency Perdonà. As we mentioned in our article “It’s time to regenerate. It’s time to listen”, before the rise of the pandemic crisis we were used to develop business relationships while gathering around a table. However, in recent times we had to shift our approach and use all the digital and virtual communications tool at our disposal. We also encouraged our clients to do the same and to not let physical isolation hinder their growth and development, but to adapt their marketing & communications strategy to the circumstances. It is our belief that change and “renovation” go hand in hand with success and we have proven to be right again. Indeed we celebrated a small victory of Casa Vinicola Sartori, which obtained some great results by boosting their e-commerce strategy.

Physical distancing and isolation have added value to our communication. As noted by Ogilvy in their article, our internal and external calls start always with a genuine interest for the question “How are you?”. This is a question that makes us re-discover and appreciate the value of human relationships in this challenging moment. This is a question that represents our commitment to help others, to help each other, to improve our social relations. Besides what we will learn from this situation, our whish is that we will continue to implement precious learnings also after the storm will be over.