Count on us – Social media activity for winery Casa Vitivinicola Sartori

For our ten years of social media activity milestone we want to focus on what actually matters: numbers. Numbers highlight the success of our clients in the digital ecosystem but also represent something else. These stories of success also represent the trust in our agency from a professional and human standpoint.

These are the stellar results obtained by the winery Casa Vitivinicola Sartori in 2020, celebrated with a wine glass toast: 1,200,000 total visualizations for the campaign Sartori Wine Travel.

This is a campaign that arose from the need to tell the story of wine-making in an innovative way, by straying away from the usual imagery that one has seen over and over again: the hand-picking of the grapes, sunsets, vine leaves, foot-pressing. Therefore we created 12 emotional videos with a dynamic character that condensate the travel from one city to another. Our efforts have been rewarded with a record of visualizations and by international recognition. Those who are interested in seeing the final spot can do it here.

The brilliant outcome of this campaign however, should not cast a shadow on the marketing communication results that have been achieved each month by one the most popular wineries (in Verona and abroad).

Moth after month, the Facebook page Sartori has been one the most active and visited pages of the area for its category, with thousands users engaging with the brand on a monthly basis while appreciating its products and value.

And for us this is what matters.