USI Italia – The stand development for Auto Prof-AMT 2020 trade show

The trade show stand is perhaps the communication tool that more than others needs a fine balance between construction technique and selling potential. Even one centimeter less or a loose screw can translate in a disaster during the set up phase together with sales loss and a poorer brand equity.

Therefore, for the client trust is not an optional. It is paramount. How to measure it?

  • With the number of developed stands for the same client in 34 years of business relationships
  • By having a spontaneous telephone chat to share your experience and why not, also form new business relationships .

We developed more than 60 stands for USI Italia, as much as twice as many years we have been working together for projects all over the world: America, Europe and Asia.

The Stand By me method

Seeing our project passing from an idea to reality makes us proud. We are passionate about all the steps that are behind the creation of a stand: from development to set up. It excites us to see trade show participants (a.k.a. potential clients) visiting our stand and turn them into business leads and new business contacts thanks to the integration with our Web & Social area.

It’s a method that has been tested over the years and that has become also a motto: STAND BY ME, how to make out of your the trade show presence a success.