Making information accessible to everyone is one of our job priorities


The goal of Business Class communicators is to put him- or herself into other peoples’ shoes, think outside the box, work with an open mind and heart. That is precisely why yesterday we took part at the workshop “ Is Your website accessible to disabled people?” organized by the Social Cooperative Yeah! – whom we thank – at Villa Quaranta Tommasi Wine Hotel & SPA.

We confronted yourselves with the topic of disability and we came to the understanding that a website can represent an obstacle as much as an architectonical barrier. How can you scroll the menu if you are unable to use the mouse? How can you acquire new information if you are unable to see the pictures in the gallery?

It has been as been a moving and insightful meeting not only from a professional viewpoint but also human. We are now ready to put the skills we have learned into practice to make the web a better place. Being informed is a human right. Making information accessible has always been part of our job, and now it has become our priority.