Accessibility and integration: our work of value for 2020 as an agency.

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Restructuring (literally or metaphorically) is always a disruptive and creative act. It is also vital for businesses: it entails renovation, change, rethinking employee and client relationships. Our agency went through this process in 2009, with an act that we like to define as Regeneration. That is, when we finally took the courage to challenge ourselves, when we adopted a managerial business style and became a SME in all respects.

We would like to do it also in 2020 with two simple but meaningful ideas: a website that is even more accessible and a “social kitchen”.


An accessible website. For everyone.

Advertising Agency website

In this article we already talked about the social cooperative Yeah! and about our productive meeting in Villa Quaranta. A meeting where we discussed a topic that is often underestimated if not unknown to most businesses: website accessibility to disabled people. It’s a development criteria that allows disabled user to freely navigate a website without any obstacles. Otherwise even the Menu or the Home page can represent insurmountable obstacles.

This topic made quite an impression on us. Therefore, we decided to partner with Yeah! consultants who gave us all the directions to modify our website in order to make it truly accessible to everyone. Cristian, our Agency Web Developer has been working on this project, and in the coming weeks we will show you the results of his work. Through this change initiative we want to inspire others to do the same. For those who believe in values such as equality and openness we put our skills at the disposal of others to build a website that is accessible to everyone.


A “social” kitchen for those who get creative in this space.


The kitchen is the central hub of a home. We want it to be also for our agency. We have reorganized our office space and transformed our admin room in a tailored kitchen, a place where to meet, have lunch together, do teambuilding while preparing dishes. This idea is not only delicious but also a good one. We haven’t entrusted the project to anyone but chose Reverse. Reverse is an architectural firm and interior design laboratory based in Verona that not only creates elegant, tailored interiors, but has also a positive impact on the wider community by promoting social and environmental initiatives. Reverse IN, the firm’s carpentry, gives the inmates of the Casa Circondariale di Montorio an opportunity for professional development and re-inclusion in society. A wonderful initiative that gives added-value to Italian craftmanship.

The website and the kitchen: two small changes that make us proud. We invite you to visit our website in the coming weeks, and in a few months our agency as well: you will find the usual friendliness with some additional space and smoking pasta plate.