Communication goes on. Now more than ever.

Rigenerazione - Agenzia Perdonà

In this moment, choosing to stop is not the best idea. If on one hand we are must seek shelter in our homes, on the other we must not stop our ideas from developing and our eagerness to communicate. We must not stop telling who we are, what we love and what we have instore for when this unexpected storm will be over.

This applies also to the businesses out there. In the last few days, we had many of our clients calling asking if they should interrupt their social media activity. Our response has always been the same: let’s carry on with even more energy than before.

What is left to a company cannot sell its products? A lot of things. There is a hidden world made out of real stories, real people, that in all these years have been buried by the primary need of productivity, suffocated by all the promotions and adverts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, as if these platforms were the digital version of a promotional leaflet. The fact that a virus is reminding us of it is a bit strange, but after all these are quite unconventional times.

Solidarity is in the content.

We, communication experts, are doing our part by making last minute changes to your editorial plans and by convincing customers to read your social content from another perspective. This is the perfect opportunity to talk about us as human beings, about our passions, about the importance of not leaving the house unless strictly necessary. We can keep company to the quarantined and offer new, fresh and engaging creativity.

We discover a new kind of solidarity. A solidarity that arises from content and that is surprising everyone. But this was somewhat expected. Indeed, as one great artist said “Man does not live by bread alone, but also by culture”.

Hence, many museums are virtually opening their doors to the tourist on the web giving them access to beautiful masterpieces. In the same way, some film production companies are putting their movies on YouTube, for the public to watch for free.

We are doing exactly the same and have convinced our clients to change their tactics and forget about their products for a while.

  • For Sgubbi, supplier of mortar and concrete for urban renewal, we will talk about Italy’s architectonical beauty and about the leading artist of the past.
  • For XCafe, a lounge bar in Bussolengo (Verona), we will talk about recipes, cooking secrets and why not, also about music.
  • For Kimprint, e-commerce business about digital printing we will send two weekly newsletters with news and interesting facts in the fields of technology, design, and printing techniques from the past.

The list doesn’t stop here of course. To the companies out there we say: we have to let our creativity flow free now and get used to do it also when all this will be over. Because imagination is the cure to stagnation. And in this moment, it means everything.

Volti di Rigenerazione (Faces of Regeneration)

Concerning this matter we are creating a private Facebook group Volti di Rigenerazione (Faces of Regeneration) – for all our clients, entrepreneurs, friends, collaborators to join. The page will be regularly updated with ideas on how to best tackle these times of adversity in a self-aware, strategic and creative manner. That is, with a spirit of “regeneration”.

Within a few days you will receive the exclusive invite on your social profile. Keep following us!