Social media agency in Verona – 10 years of Business Class results


2010-2020 – Ten years of social media communication count. That is true also for an agency that just celebrated its 34th business anniversary. Becoming social media marketing experts is the milestone we want to celebrate in 2020, 10 years after our first Facebook post.

It was back in 2010 when our agency created the first Facebook page for one of our clients: an optician in Verona whose collaboration on that project together has not exactly been easy. We were pioneers and we still needed to understand what challenges we were likely to face.
Today, 70k posts and 50 clients after, we wanted to look back at how far we have come with a social media team that is stronger than ever. Going through the milestones that have brought us to where we are is the best way to celebrate our success.

2010: We have become social thanks to our clients

Our clients led us to social media. They wanted us to start this journey made out of likes, shares and followers with the same method we had already been implementing for 25 years when working on traditional marketing channels. A method made of tangible results, human contacts and face-to-face relationships. “Why don’t you take care also of our social media activity?” they asked naturally back then. And we said: “Yes”. This opportunity arose a result of our relationships of value: “One thing leads to another”.

2013: A new benchmark

Our performance after 3 years: we had received trust from companies operating in different industries (food, healthcare, banking, wellness), but we also had a high turnover of small, freelance clients. This was a problem caused by the unrealistic expectations of this channel. Many of our clients perceived social media as direct selling tool and not as a channel where to talk customers’ same language, where to transmit business values that aligned with those of target customers. This fundamental truth is still valid today. Social media is not a platform to clutter with pictures taken from a product brochure. To overcome this misconception our clients had to trust us and completely shift their beliefs about social media use.

2015. The maturity stage of agency with a 360° communication service

The team additions of Antonio Monteleone, social & community manager, and Gaia Righetti, social & video maker have consolidated our vision and direction. Two important figures that are part of the bigger picture: the strategic vision of the agency. In the last years we committed to make our “travel companions” (a.k.a. clients) understand that being on social media does not only involve to create a post but to implement a 2-way communication between the company and the target customers. Doing social media marketing means taking pieces of information, ideas and transform them into something else: videos, posts, contests, brochures, traditional advertising, and events. What is originally born online can be transposed offline and vice versa. This is what the market wants. This is the mindset and commitment that differentiated us from other specialists and digital agencies.

2017: The decision to be social in our own way

While other freelance and agencies where operating exclusively behind their desks and doing communication via a bunch of impersonal emails, we were well aware that this was not what the market was after. Creativity, synergy and human contact were much needed. Consequently, new roles arose in our team together with a new philosophy that underpins the creativity of our editorial plan: The BUS method. A method that has allowed us to implement a successful and engaging social media strategies which we can explain in more detail to those who are interested in working with us.

Our plans for 2020

2020 has not only been the year of our 10th social media activity anniversary, but also the year where we started our international business collaborations (with companies such as 4CR and Carfit) that brought our little seahorse in Hamburg and Berlin. That is not to say that we are not used to international travel. We carried out successful projects In Munich with Gardasee, in Siberia with Ponymau and Govoru, in Brazil with USI Italia.
The greatest reward of all is when a client mentions a brand whose social media activity they believe is great…and surprise: we are the ones behind it.
To the real dreamers, to those whose vision goes beyond the product, to those that trust us and embark in this “social journey”, we not only promise a viral creativity but also tangible results. Numbers are what counts and we will make them grow through our social channels, our blog – and for subscribers – also via Newsletter.
2010/2020. A special toast to us and to those who count on us. Many happy returns.