Deskmates – Our project of educational inclusion is looking for sponsors

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The pandemic has hit the whole of Italy, but culture and education are the sectors that have been hit the most. However, the quick digitalization of the education system has shown us the digital divide issue in all its might. On one hand we have students from a well-off background who can easily access the digital education system, on the other hand students coming from families with financial difficulties face the consistent struggle of not being able to access a proper internet connection and dispose of the electronic devices needed to study remotely. Under such circumstances, the risk of education becoming an elite luxury has never been greater.

The project “Deskmates” – an idea of our agency founder Christian Perdonà – was born to fight this specific problem and is now in need of a sponsor.

Deskmates – remote tutors for students

Older students can offer themselves to become tutors and help younger students who are struggling at school by explaining complex school topics and subjects on the phone. In this way, volunteering students will support a fundamental right of their peers: the right to an education.

As Christian tells us:

Even a small action counts, especially in this moment, in the field of education. Becoming a “deskmate” means to help younger students who have fallen behind with the school programme because they could not access the digital education system. It is a simple but powerful gesture that signals that education does not leave behind anyone.

An initiative that is looking for sponsors.

The project “Deskmates” is still in its development stage and needs sponsors. To get started, our idea is to develop a website and build a strong partnership with local business. This what our idea needs right now: a public or private entity that takes on the project and to whom our agency will offer technical support.

Together we can create a solid network to support the public education system that needs to be inclusive and equally available to everyone.

Would you like to finance the project? Write us!