Our agency and our client Fronius: 10 years of sustainable present

Evento Restart Fronius - Agenzia Perdonà

The health pandemic has changed the work and employment landscape: It is still too early to tell if it is for the better or for the worse, but see prefer to see our glass half full. By working remotely, we dispose of more free time, a better and healtier environment due to less travel and traffic, and greater attention to our human resources capital and to the needs of our employees

These are central themes, especially that of environmental sustainability, that requires a mindset shift from all employers and employees, a mindset that requires a human approach instead of a cold one. Businesses need to become more reactive to the needs of the world around them, more sustainable and more human. Just like people.

These themes have always been central to our agency and we are happy to develop them further now that the time has come.

These themes have led us to a 10-year partnership with Fronius Italy, a leader of alternative energy solutions and with whom we share the same values of respect towards people and the environment.

A memorable event for Fronius

Our capabilities as integrated communications agency have been leveraged the most with the partnership with Fronius Italy. Brochures, catalogues, business cards…these assets are an important part of our work but they also represent something more: the brand as a whole, its development and growth in the digital and real word.

Agenzia Perdonà Verona organizzatore eventi - Fronius

In 2017, our event management capabilities were tested with a memorable event hosted by Fronius: “Re-start, respect and awareness for a suitable energy”. The chosen location was the Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Verona, renewable energy was the main topic, the special guest was Maurizio Cheli: Italian astronaut that was second to no one in terms of technology knowledge, courage and humanity.

The event was very successful and was leveraged by Fronius to convey an important message: sustainability could also represent the present and not only the future. A message not only for tech companies, but also for all employees and employers.

The journey to Wels

We put human relationships at the centre of our agency and whenever a client involves us in its business, it’s always a great pleasure for us. Fronius, has been a great example in this respect. In 2018, Chiara Cavagion and Serena Chesini, our Graphic Designers who have been following the clients for years, have been invited by the client to visit the HQ in Wels. They had the opportunity to have a look and the company’s production site, but also to fully appreciate the company’s welfare culture. A culture that besides competencies and results also cares about the physical and psychological health and quality of life of its employees.
Both Chiara and Serena came back with big smiles on their faces. The sensed great vibes that at the same time were familiar with those of their own work environment, our agency.

An increasingly sustainable and human future

We fully agree with Fronius: it’s time to make the world we live in more sustainable. We need to find the courage to overcome old habits. For us change starts with a promise stated in a pay-off. To honour our commitment to a more sustainable and human future we decided to renovate of historical pay-off from “Business Class Communcation” to “Brands Speak Human”.

These three words display what our agency believes in. Modern, sustainable companies that are close to people and the environment.

Companies must speak a human language through a communication that is made of hope, doubts, laughter, courage and the willingness to get up again after having fallen. This is what we believe in and our way to deal, not only with the future, but also with the present.